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Tarot, to me, is a healing tool that can assist us in a wide range of things...from making decisions to seeing where we are headed based on our current decisions. All readers are different, this is just my personal opinion and view. I see Tarot as an ally, a friend that can help us see through the fog, and take off the rose colored glasses when we are clinging to an outcome or view. So in closing, as far as divination goes, it's best to see Tarot readings as guidance into what direction things are headed based on your current actions/views.


1. What is Tarot? Classically, a set of 78 cards which tell a progressive story through images and numbers. This includes the 22 Major Arcana, the major players of the deck and 4 suits of 14 cards each.


2. What is Tarot used for? This is very personal question, as options vary. Tarot has been long used as a divinatory tool. But can also be used for guidance, inspiration, and in assistance to spell/magic work. I use tarot for clarity, guidance, assistance in magic & astrology, meditation and guidance and empowerment based divination.


3.Where does Tarot come from? A very disputed subject, one in which I won't get into here. If you would like to research this go forth wise one!


4.Can I buy a Tarot deck for myself?  YES! The old school belief is that it was wrong to do so. Since your intuitive connection to the deck is so important I feel the best way to find your deck is buying it yourself. But receiving one as a gift is still a lovely blessing.


5. Is my fate set in stone? According to the cards? No, as I said earlier, Tarot is a guide to show us "hey, based on the way you are acting and feeling RIGHT NOW, this is the way things look." There is free will and choice in everything. At the end of the day, you decide your fate.


6.How much is a reading? Prices depend on the length of time and number of cards in the reading. Prices range from $55-$130 dollars. Less for Instagram specials. 


7.How do you do your readings? On the phone, skype and in person in NYC when my schedule allows. 


8. What does the email reading include? A photograph and detailed text document of the reading.


9. How do I get a reading with you? Via the contact page, or the button below.

10. What are your credentials? I've been working with Tarot personally for over 10 years. I have been reading professionally for over 10 years.


11. Is this a psychic reading?

No, my readings are not conducted to tell the future and I do not claim to be a psychic. 


12. Do you do refunds?

Not at all. You can reschedule a reading or gift it to someone else.


13. Do you do free readings? 

No. the closest thing to this is my "Pick a Card" posts on Instagram every Friday.


14. Do you do barter? 



15. Do you do special types of tarot readings? YES. I offer Full moon, New moon, Eclipse and Past life readings with tarot.


Legal stuff and other serious stuff:


As per NY state law all readings are for entertainment purposes only. 


I do not claim to tell the future and will not tell you how to live your life. Readings only act as allies that give us insight. I will not answer yes/any questions, this would be telling you what to do. I offer support and insight. 


Yes, I do have a mini consultation before meeting with clients, I hold the sole right to decide, using my judgment, whether or not to proceed in conducing a reading with you. If I cannot be of service to you I will tell you right away. I can offer suggestions of other readers in this case. 


I will not and do not address medical, psychological and serious issues like pregnacny, divorce, death etc. I'm not qualified and will not meet with you. Those things are best left to professionals. If you are having a crisis or emergency I will also decline a reading, as that is also not something I am qualified for. 

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