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Tarot is a powerful and ancient tool that can give us much guidance in times of need. It is best used as an ally; we must remember there is always free will. The tarot is a guide to show us the best way to approach the situations we seek guidance for. 

I personally choose not to use Tarot to diagnose or predict any health, legal, or mental issues. These topics are best left to a health or legal professional. I will not read on these topics and strongly suggest you connect to another reader who will. I do not predict fortunes, pandemic end dates, curses, or of life events with the cards. 


Unlike the Astrology readings, a consultation is not mandatory. However, in situations where I feel it is necessary, I will request we have a consultation first to see if we are a good fit before discussing booking. Payment is required ahead of time to save your spot.

For a reading, please contact me via the form below, or the Contact me page. Please provide your name and questions. I will be in touch with how to proceed from there. You will receive the Tarot info PDF, this includes pricing.


ALL Tarot readings are done via email PDF unless noted otherwise. I no longer offer in person sessions.



1. Basic tarot Reading 

2. Tarot & Astrology Combo Reading 

3. Past Life Tarot Reading (just tarot or paired with Astrology) 

4. Ancestor Tarot Reading *

*Extremely limited offering, 3 per month

Book A Tarot Reading 

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~ Words by Others ~ 

"This really really helped me to decide what I want to do, I'm very much motivated and I think I'm on a more righteous path now :'). Thank you!" Gilda MX


"I was referred to Anais by a dear friend. I was a little apprehensive about a tarot reading but it was exactly what I needed to help me through this phase in my life. Even the unpleasant yet honest parts. Thank you, Anais!" Joe, SF   

"I have had numerous readings with Anais, and she is always on point. I feel so blessed to have such a wise, knowledgeable, and caring guide for all of life's unknowns. I always leave her feeling centered, clear, and prepared for what's to come. I've also never had more accurate information from any other psychic or reader. Additionally, I'm a huge fan of Anais's jewelry line. Every piece is a powerful healer and companion-- charged up and ready to wear, thanks to Anais's knowledge and skill in combining and charging gemstones." Rachael S.Tarot Client & Jewelry by Anais Patron

"I'm an intuitive person, but that does not mean I always listen to it. Every reading with Anais provides much-needed insight and when needed, a wake-up call to tune and listen to my gut. She is my go-to reader!" Jennifer NY 

 " I see Anais at least once a year for a reading to gain insight into my path and life. As an intuitive person, I know when I am making the right and wrong decisions, however, I can doubt myself and I need signs. Her readings are insightful, and healing...kind of like Tarot healing sessions!" Laura NY

"Had a tarot reading done by Anais. It was what tarot should be, it felt like natural insight to my situation. She saw what I couldn't. She was so quick to trust her intuition and it was spot on the whole time. I trust her intuition implicitly!" Cheryl NY 

As per NY state law, all readings are for entertainment purposes only. 

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