“Oh​ ​it’s​ ​you​ ​again.”​ The last ​Mercury​ ​Retrograde​ ​of the year

Here ​we ​go ​again, ​oh ​Mercury ​how ​you ​teach ​us ​so ​much and ​give ​us ​a ​hard ​time ​too. ​However, ​it’s ​important ​to remember ​that ​even ​when ​Mercury ​gives ​us ​tough ​love there ​is ​a ​lesson ​to ​be ​learned. ​Yes, ​this ​is ​hard ​to ​believe at ​times….especially ​when ​our ​electronics ​don’t ​work, ​our mind ​breaks ​down ​or ​(for ​my ​nyc ​folks) ​when ​that ​train takes ​30 ​minutes ​to ​arrive. ​Mercury ​retrograde ​can ​turn ​us all ​into ​crazy ​people, ​throwing ​our ​phones ​and ​saying “Fuck ​it!” and ​wanting ​to ​hide ​under ​a ​rock ​until ​it’s ​over.

However, ​life ​does ​not ​stop ​for ​Mercury ​Retrograde, ​so ​we ​shouldn’t ​either. ​The ​biggest gem ​of ​advice ​I ​can ​give ​ya’ll ​is ​the​ ​“Go​ ​slow​ ​and​ ​remember​ ​to​ ​breath”.​ ​You ​got ​this! Even ​when ​you ​think ​you ​don’t, ​you ​do.

What​ ​is​ ​Mercury​ ​Retrograde?

Retrograde ​motion ​is ​when ​a ​planet ​slows ​down ​so much ​it appears to ​be ​going ​backwards. ​The ​way ​we experience ​this ​energetically ​is ​a ​feeling ​of backwards ​motions...we ​can ​feel ​as ​if ​we ​are ​taking ​a few ​steps ​back. ​Mercury ​rules ​over ​communications, the ​mind, ​plans ​and ​the ​day ​to ​day. ​This ​is ​why ​all the ​above ​seems ​to ​just ​go ​nuts ​over ​the ​retrograde period. ​Our ​electronics ​may ​act ​up ​or ​stop ​working, ​it may ​be ​hard ​to ​communicate ​or ​miscommunication can ​be ​at ​an ​all ​time ​high...we ​may ​collectively ​have ​more ​nervous ​tension ​and ​mind ​fog than ​usual. ​It ​is ​important ​to ​know ​that ​Mercury ​goes ​retrograde ​3-4 ​times ​a ​year, ​so we ​live ​with ​this ​pretty ​often. ​Mercury ​is ​the ​“thinker”, ​it ​rules ​over ​communication skills, ​thinking ​patterns, ​the ​way ​we ​use ​our ​voice, ​our ​thoughts, ​and ​how ​we ​connect to ​all ​media. ​The ​simplest ​way ​to ​think ​about ​this ​cycle ​is ​the ​above ​gets ​a ​little ​wacky for ​a ​few ​weeks. ​Some ​of ​us ​have ​more ​intense ​retrograde ​periods ​than ​others.

What​ ​about​ ​this​ ​Mercury​ ​Retrograde?

Our ​last ​Mercury ​Retrograde ​of ​the ​year ​is ​in ​Sagittarius ​from ​December ​3rd ​to ​the 22nd. ​During ​this ​time ​we ​are ​asked ​to ​pause, ​to ​slow ​down, ​to ​stop, ​and ​to ​reflect ​on the ​year ​as ​a ​whole. ​If ​we ​don’t ​want ​to ​stop, ​or ​if ​we ​choose ​to ​live ​only ​in ​the “act now ​think ​later” ​fire ​of ​Sagittarius ​season ​then ​mercury ​retrograde ​may ​just ​make ​us slow ​down ​by ​force. ​It’s ​always ​better ​to ​do ​it ​yourself ​instead ​of ​having ​life ​do ​it ​for you. ​We ​can ​still ​live ​up ​this ​fabulous ​Sagittarius ​fire, ​I ​know ​I ​am, ​but ​we ​must ​take time ​for ​reflection ​too. ​We ​can’t ​always ​run ​wild ​and ​fast, ​sometimes ​we ​have ​to ​jog ​or come ​to ​a ​full ​stop. ​This ​is ​mercury ​retrograde.

Collectively, ​we ​have ​been ​through ​a lot ​this ​year! ​Outside ​of ​the ​obvious ​we ​went through ​all ​the ​feels ​all ​summer ​with ​Cancer ​everything. ​Then ​we ​finally ​had ​a ​break and ​a ​chance ​to ​express ​ourselves ​in ​Leo ​season. ​Then ​we ​got ​back​ ​to ​business ​and had ​to ​be ​adults ​again ​in ​Virgo. ​The ​focus ​was ​then ​shifted ​to ​our ​heart's ​desires, ​our social ​circles ​and ​love ​lives ​in ​Libra. ​Then, ​Scorpio ​season ​came ​and ​we ​had ​to ​look​ ​in the ​mirror ​and ​deal ​with ​the ​darkest ​deepest ​parts ​of ​ourselves. ​So ​yeah ​you ​deserve ​to ​let ​your ​hair ​down ​now, ​Sagittarius ​has ​your ​back. ​Laugh ​more, love ​more ​and ​live ​your ​life.

However the truth is we ​just ​can’t ​catch ​a ​full ​break ​collectively ​with ​this ​Mercury ​retrograde, ​but ​hey ​tough ​love ​right? ​Mercury ​is ​the ​messenger ​of ​the ​gods, ​so ​during ​retrograde stop ​and ​ask ​yourself ​what ​is ​the ​best ​way ​you ​can ​use ​this ​slow ​down? ​How ​can ​you revise ​and ​revisit ​themes ​in ​your ​life ​and ​in ​yourself? ​How ​can ​you ​take ​what ​happened this ​year ​and ​use ​it ​for ​your ​highest ​good ​and ​awareness? ​Where ​in ​your ​life ​do ​you need ​to ​slow ​down ​instead ​of ​speeding ​up?

What about it being in the sign of Sagittarius?

The ​sign ​a ​retrograde ​is ​in ​tells ​us ​the ​way ​it ​will ​appear ​to ​act ​and ​the ​style ​in ​which ​it will ​unfold ​in ​our ​lives. ​Mercury ​retrograde ​in ​fiery ​Sagittarius ​can ​be ​quite ​a ​test ​for ​us but ​at ​the ​same ​time ​we ​can ​really ​reach ​deeper ​levels ​of ​our ​selves ​with ​this ​expansive energy. ​Sagittarius ​rules ​over ​optimism, ​expansion, ​exploration, ​new ​experiences ​and adventure. ​How ​can ​you ​use ​this ​slow ​down ​to ​prepare ​for ​movement ​to ​accomplish ​all your ​desires ​and ​goals? ​In ​what ​ways ​are ​you ​moving ​too ​fast? ​All ​of ​this ​comes ​to mind ​when ​I ​reflect ​on ​mercury ​retrograde ​in ​Sagittarius.

Mercury ​retrograde ​can ​and ​usually ​does ​cause ​delays, ​so ​don’t ​feel ​beat ​down ​if ​you can't ​spread ​your ​wings ​as ​wide ​as ​you ​want ​just ​now. ​Mercury ​in ​retrograde ​can ​turn Sagittarius ​optimism ​into ​pessimism...so ​don’t ​give ​up ​on ​yourself ​or ​your ​dreams ​under this ​period. ​Hold ​on ​to ​them, ​maybe ​you ​just ​have ​to ​wait ​a ​little ​longer ​or ​approach them ​in ​a ​new ​way. ​Maybe ​you ​have ​to ​come ​up ​with ​a ​better ​well ​thought ​out ​plan. Sagittarius ​wants ​to ​go ​for ​it ​and ​skip ​the ​details, ​Mercury ​retrograde ​will ​make ​sure ​we focus ​on ​the ​details ​because ​if ​we ​don't ​things ​can ​go ​awry. ​Under ​this ​retrograde ​we also ​run ​the ​risk ​of ​running ​away ​from ​our ​problems ​and ​having ​a ​serious ​case ​of not dealing ​with ​it ​syndrome. ​This ​could ​come ​back ​to ​bite ​you ​hard, ​so ​don’t ​do ​that.

When ​to ​comes ​to ​travel ​we ​all ​can’t ​cancel ​plans ​to ​submit ​to ​mercury ​retrograde. ​So plan ​ahead, ​have ​a ​plan ​B ​and ​maybe ​even ​a ​plan ​C. ​Double ​check​ ​the ​details ​and schedules. ​Same ​goes ​for ​contracts ​and ​agreements ​if ​you ​can’t ​avoid ​them ​at ​this ​time. Leave ​some ​wiggle ​room ​for ​change ​and ​try ​to ​stay ​mutable. ​When ​it ​comes ​to communications ​there ​may ​be ​miscommunication ​or ​issues ​especially ​between colleagues ​or ​in ​the ​legal ​realm ​of ​things. ​Watch ​for ​promises ​or ​deals ​that ​seem ​to ​be too ​good ​to ​be ​true ​(Jupiter ​expands ​things) ​so ​watch ​for ​boastfulness. ​Sharp ​tongues can ​be ​a ​side ​effect ​of ​this ​mercury ​retrograde ​cycle ​too.

In Closing...

Yes ​this ​energy ​can ​be fucking ​difficult, ​it ​can. ​But ​we ​can ​and ​always ​do ​survive. ​If ​we avoid ​feeling ​like ​a ​victim, ​if ​we ​try ​our ​best ​to ​practice ​awareness ​and ​try ​to ​stay focused ​it ​can ​make ​a ​difference. ​In ​the ​scale ​of ​our ​lives ​it’s ​just ​a ​few ​weeks, ​stay strong ​moonbeams! ​Since ​fire ​energy ​is ​involved ​I ​think ​having ​physical ​outlets ​for anger, ​aggression ​and ​tension ​will ​be ​a ​must ​for ​us ​collectively. ​Go ​dance ​it ​out, ​learn kickboxing, ​hike ​a ​mountain, ​sweat ​it ​out...have ​hot ​steamy ​sex...whatever ​you ​need ​to do ​to ​release ​the ​energy ​so ​it ​does ​not ​explode ​- ​since ​it ​can ​be ​quite ​volcanic.

This ​Mercury ​retrograde ​does ​occur ​the ​same ​day ​as a ​Full ​moon ​which ​can ​make ​it ​more intense ​at ​the ​start. ​So ​please ​practice ​patience, ​awareness, ​and ​mindfulness. ​Be ​good to ​yourself, ​turn ​your ​phone ​off ​and ​chill ​out ​if ​you ​need ​too. ​If ​you ​need ​a communication ​and ​social ​media ​detox, ​take ​it. ​Go ​within ​for ​a ​little ​bit. ​If ​you ​feel yourself ​about ​to ​verbally ​fly ​off ​the ​handle ​and ​go ​full Bye ​Felicia ​on ​everyone maybe ​take ​a ​deep ​breathe ​first ​to ​see ​if ​it’s ​really ​worth ​it. ​Don’t ​force ​yourself ​to be anywhere ​if ​you ​don’t ​need ​to ​be ​OR ​pick​ ​your ​settings ​and ​company ​with ​care ​so ​that as ​this ​energy ​shifts ​you ​feel ​empowered ​and ​ready, ​instead ​of ​it ​feeling ​like ​a ​slap ​in the ​face.

For ​more ​tips ​stay ​tuned, ​I ​will ​add ​some ​tips ​to ​my ​Instagram ​a ​few ​days ​after ​the retrograde ​starts. ​I’m ​busy ​leading ​a ​circle ​that ​night ​then ​taking ​a ​little ​social ​media break ​myself ​to ​ask ​this ​retrograde ​cycle ​what ​it ​can ​teach ​me.

With ​love,

Anais ​of ​Mystical ​Mandrake ​Root

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