The POWER HOUSE Crystals

For any crystal lover, no matter the level, there are certain stones I believe area must haves. How much you use them is not of much importance. The fact is these babies do come in handy for anything from chakra balancing to energy healing. That is why I refer to them as the "power house" crystals.

Amethyst: Psychic, healing, willpower

Black Tourmaline: Energy protection, neutrality, helps effects of radiation

Calcite (Blue): Stability, confidence, memory

Carnelian: Courage, vigor, energy

Citrine:Self expression, manifestation, personal power

Fluorite: Multi-tasking, absorbing knowledge, decision making

Hematite: Determination, grounding, progress

Jasper (Red): Passion, control, connection to earth

Kyanite: Loyalty, truth, intergration

Moonstone: Intuiton, harmony with natural rhythms

Obsidian: Help heal from trauma/ shock, ease tension, protection

Rose Quartz: Harmony, heart chakra, all kinds of love

Selenite: Cleansing, purification, alignment

Smoky Quartz: Removing negativity, grounding, centering

Quartz: Programming, manifestation, unification

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