I am grateful to all the places I have taught and to all the homes my crafts have found over the years. I started making crafts for friends and family and doing small events in bars and parks. Every small step of the journey leads you to the bigger destination. Below I share some of my work, places I've been, and where you can find me next.  


At this time there are no in person events or classes. Below are some of my past events. 

Emotional Wellness: Navaigting your Astrological Moon Sign 

Crystal Wire Wrapping Workshop 

Magic Herbs: What they are and How to use them 

Ritual + Divination for Self Empowerment  

Connecting with your Ancestors: A workshop 

For 3 + years I taught a monthly moon circle in NYC as well, for both the New and Full Moon. 

Collobrations / Contributer

HOI Pisces Birthday Box 

Many Moons Planner

Contributor to the Stories - A Modern Collaborative Deck 


UPCOMING in 2021 - TBA



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