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Caring for your crystals is quite simple. First and foremost trust your intuition! Our relationship with crystals is personal, so listen to yourself and the spirit of the stone. What does it tell you? Below you will find information written by me for crystal care, all photograhs also taken by me. ;)

Quick List of crystal care options:


1. Use a cleansing smoke to clear the stones.


2. Run under water for a brief moment. *


3. Set in moonlight or sunlight (depending on the stone) to cleanse and charge the crystals. 


4. Set in a bowl of Selenite to cleanse and recharge.


5. Crystal in hand chant, sing or pray to the crystal. Using your words as healing medicine.


6. Use sound healing to clear and charge stones. (drums, tuning forks, singing bowls)


7. Treat gentle and soft stones with care.


8. Place special stones, high-frequency stones and small stones in pouches or fabrics for safe keeping.


9. Give them plenty of TLC!


10. Have fun!


* Not all stones can be placed in water. Please do your research first. :)




Crystals are wonderful gifts from the mother earth.


There are millions of them, all with their own set of properties and vibrations. Crystals can be used in numerous ways, and for those who listen to their subtle and not so subtle language, they can become very strong allies. The crystals need cleansing too unless they are one of the few that require no cleaning. More on that later...


One of the great benefits of cleansing your crystals is you really make it yours. By cleaning it you clear the energy of all other hands that touched it. Depending on what you use the crystal for you may need to cleanse it frequently. For example, are you an intuitive who carried black tourmaline for energy protection? So am I, I cleanse mine as much as possible.


Cleaning Methods further explained:



  • Visualization: Rinse crystal briefly under water or with clearing smoke. Then hold the crystal in the palm of your hand and visualize a white healing light going through the crystal.


  • Visualization and Chant: Follow the same steps as above but state your purpose. For example: “With this white light I cleanse this stone.” (Or whatever you would like to say.)


  • Water: Use water to rinse crystal for how long or little as you see fit (unless it is a stone that should not be placed in water). A natural spring, a natural source of water, filtered water or even tap is fine. I personally run stones under tap water for a quick cleanse, and for a longer soaks use filtered salt water. For special overnight cleanses, after a rain fall,  I use the rainwater. Some people like longer soaks for their stones, some shorted soaks. So see what you like best and proceed accordingly.


  • Back to the Earth Method: Get your Gaia on by taking your stones out of nature and burying them in the ground. Make sure they are not buried too deep and you know where you placed them Also DO NOT do this with metal based stones. (ex: hematite, tigers eye etc)


  • Salt: Sprinkle salt in water, or use salt water to rinse or soak the stones. Some stones cannot be placed in salt, as it will damage them. A list is coming soon, however, a good general rule is soft stones can be damaged by salt and water


  • Smudging: This method included using a cleaning and healing smoke to clear the crystal. You can hold the stone, or place it in a bowl then clear around it with the smoke. There are many options to choose from and you can even use your favorite one in incense form. Healing smokes for clearing: Sage, Palo Santo wood, Sweetgrass, Resins (copal, frankincense etc), Lavender, Cedar wood, Juniper etc


  • Selenite: A super magical stone Selenite clears other stones! You can place tumbled stones on a large wand of selenite or in a bowl of tumbled Selenites for how long you see fit.


  • Sunlight/ Moonlight: Do your research here as some people are really animate on which is best for what. I say, try both and see what works for you. I personally love to charge my stones in both the Moonlight and Sunlight, and I tend to cleanse them with the above methods.


  • Finally, have fun! It’s all about you and your relationship with the stones, so find what works for you!


Crystals that should not be placed in water: (this list will grow as I learn more) :

Selenite ( all forms), calcite, Lepidolite, lodestone (magnetite)...a good general rule is most Soft crystals are no good for water.


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