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I love to decode the language of the cosmos.

 I feel it is a powerful tool for self-empowerment, growth and personal enlightenment. I was led to astrology to understand more about myself; now I walk that same road to guide others. 


Before any readings can be scheduled or paid for, there is a mandatory email consultation to see if we are the right fit for each other. If we are a good fit, and if I am comfortable working with you, then we will proceed with scheduling a reading and payment.


A very detailed PDF will be sent as well. I know my booking process is a bit archaic in a time of instant service, so thank you for taking the time to be here and honor my process.


You can initiate the booking process via email, the contact page, or though the contact sheet below. Email: 

DISCLAIMER: My Astrology services are in no way used to diagnose or predict legal, health, mental issues, or medical issues. These subjects are best left to health and legal professionals. For personal and legal reasons, I do not read on marriage predictions, pregnancies, deaths or health conditions. I do not tell fortunes, predict events, predict or remove curses, or offer fortune telling astrology readings. I am not a psychic. I hold the right to turn away any inquiry if I decide to do so.  

All the best, Anais



1. Astrology for Self-Empowerment (Basic Birth chart) 

2. Astrology for Self-Empowerment w/ asteroids 

3. Evolution of Self (Progressed Chart) 

4. Approaching Saturn (Saturn Return) 

5. Of the Stars & Cards (Astrology + Tarot) 

6. A Year Around the Sun (Solar Return / Birthday) 

7. A Light into the Past (Past Life w/ Astro) 

8. A Dance in the Dark: Exploring Lilith in your natal chart

9. Special topics/ requests 

10. Follow Up sessions for previous clients 

11. Now sure what you want? Inquire about the guidance sessions!


No longer offering: couples readings, transit readings (but I can make an exception, it would be filed under #9, a special request reading)

To initiate the Booking Process, ask about an Event booking, or submit an inquiry, please fill out the form below. Keep the disclaimer in mind, please. 


Thanks! I will be in touch. Anais

quidance session image .PNG

~ Words by Others ~ 


"Wow! I am blown away. This is so on point with where I am at in my life.  Every part of this message was confirmation on almost every level of my journey and where I am going. My soul is on Cloud 9! Thank you from the bottom of my heart." Libra Sun / Pisces moon / Leo Rising, Chicago 



"THANK YOU SO MUCH! I wanted to express my gratitude and thanks for your reading and resources. There are no words to describe the ways you were able to help me better understand myself, my aspects, and my energies. I am so grateful." Aries Sun / Cancer moon / Cancer Rising, Canada 


"This was my first astrological reading and I am so glad it was Anais guiding me around my chart.  Her insights were clear, gentle, and eloquent.  I felt some trepidation beforehand, but by the end, I only felt a sense of validation and liberation.  I highly recommend Anais as a grounded and intelligent voice on your journey." Gemini Sun/Aries Moon/Leo Rising, NY


"I had my first astrology reading today by the wonderful Anais and it was amazing! She gave me very clear and practical information on how to best utilize the energies of the planets and stars on my chart for this year. It's definitely going to be a busy year packed with growth, expansion, and transformation! If you've been curious, need guidance or just want to better understand the energies you have to work with at this moment of your life, I highly recommend connecting with her." Scorpio Sun/Virgo Moon/Leo Rising, CA


"Anais is incredibly gifted! I've been to a handful of astrologers, and without a doubt, Anais trumps them all. Aside from her interpretation of my astrology chart being shockingly relevant and delivered in a grounded, comprehensible way, she spoke with sincere interest and a deep reverence for what was revealed. The power that comes from her passion for astrology, and her ability to open up the ways in which you are inherently valuable as a cosmic human being had me feeling inspired and encouraged, to say the least. Our reading left me buzzing with energy--- I can't recommend her enough!" Sag Sun/Pisces Moon/Scorpio Rising, CA



Legal stuff


As per NY state law, all readings are for entertainment purposes only. 


I do not claim to tell the future and will not tell you how to live your life. Readings only act as allies that give us insight. 

I will not answer yes/any questions, this would be telling you what to do. I offer support and insight. Yes, I do have a mini consultation before meeting with clients, I hold the sole right to decide, using my judgment, whether or not to proceed in conducting a reading with you. 


I will not and do not address medical, psychological issues, personal or family curses, pregnancy, divorce, death etc. Those things are best left to professionals. If you are having a crisis or emergency, I will also decline a reading, as that is not something I am qualified for. Please, in this case, contact a professional in that area. 

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