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Welcome to Mystical Mandrake Root! 

Let me guide you through the gates as we embark on a journey to Self- empowerment together.


With many tools (astrology, tarot, and more) I act as a guide to help you navigate your journey and decode the puzzles you may encounter along the way. 

Cosmic Diviner ~ Mystical Guide ~ Storyteller 


~ Testimonials ~

"Wow, the beauty if this reading is beyond. I obviously knew your talent but this is so fantastic, the way you get the past info but weave it into medicine for now its just awe inspiring. I've been reading and re-reading since I received it. It's like hearing a note ring out on a singing bowl or the sonorous ring of a bell, you hear it and understand it mentally, conceptually but its that moment  when the sound resonates in your heart, your bone marrow - that core deeper understanding; the vibration strikes you in a way that is beyond intellectual knowledge, its a deeper more ancient truth." 

Rachael, New York

"Thank you very much for your insightful and thorough report! i feel understood in many respects and you provided me with valuable information on what to put my focus on!"

Linda, Germany 

"This is so thoughtfully and well done. And the elements within this are so helpful to hear - it's uncanny (or maybe not at all) how these elements mirror what is happening right now. I'm very grateful for your insight, hope there is an opportunity to connect again in the future."

Erin, Philly


"Thank you for reminding me of my magic. The report was so affirming; it was almost as if I could feel every aspect of my soul's travels lined up holding hands when I read the report. I felt my soul in a way I haven't in so long. Thank you thank you thank you. 

I've already referred you to my mom and sister and I'll be referring you to friends as well. I'll definitely come back for more readings as well!!!"

Brennan, Pennsylvania 

"LOVE IT. It is such a beautiful, gentle reflection with so much information and depth. I have been coming back to it and rereading a little bit every day as I start to process and assimilate all the good info you gave me. I have so much to work with here!"

Kelsey, WA 

"I had never had my natal chart read before, nor any sessions with an astrologer. Not knowing what to expect, I went into the session excited, but kept my expectations grounded. Anais is so warm and personable, so it was easy to feel at home with her straightaway. As soon as she started to go through my chart, I became intrigued. The information was so accurate and eye-opening. It felt like understanding how the pieces of the puzzle that make me, me, were finally coming together. As Anais continued through my chart, and right through to the end, I continually had jaw-dropping reactions to what she was explaining about me - the detail and the precision around who I am, and why I do what I do, was absolutely eye-opening. I was so touched and moved by what she revealed. It has definitely given me a "cosmic permission slip" to live in a way that feels true and right for me. It will not be my last appointment with Anais, and I hands-down would 100% recommend a reading with her. You won't be disappointed."

Kyle, AUS


"Dear Anais, Oh my gosh, what can I say? This reading is remarkable in its synchronicities and insights!  So much of it resonates with my hunches and also some of my subconscious fears which I was unable to pinpoint where they were coming from.  It is both enlightening and filled with warmth and comfort.  I can't thank you enough for this gift of guidance and help!! xoxo" 

Shauna, CA


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